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With decades of experience in the medical imaging industry, we know that clinicians rely on great ultrasound images to treat patients with confidence. That's why image quality is our core guiding principle.

Clarius Ultrasound C3 HD

We envision a future where better patient care is enabled by medical imaging in every setting.


We also have an ambitious Mission.

Today, as many as 25 million medical professionals globally do not have access to medical imaging, which is proven to improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs. As pioneers in miniaturizing ultrasound, we're on a mission to make medical imaging accessible everywhere by delivering high-performance, affordable and easy-to-use solutions with the power of artificial intelligence. We're miniaturizing high quality point-of-care ultrasound to offer a safe and cost-effective option for clinicians in every specialty. 







We're on the right path.

Since we sold our first wireless handheld ultrasound scanner in December 2016, more than 20,000 clinicians have used Clarius for more than a half million scans.  Our next generation product is smaller and offers even better performance thanks to feedback from our customers and advancing technology.

We have the experience to get there.

Clarius Mobile Health was founded by experienced innovators who have played an instrumental role in the ultrasound industry during the last 20 years. Our developers were the brains behind the first PC-based platform for ultrasound research. They also introduced the first touch screen ultrasound system with a simplified user interface.

"We had three clear goals when we set out to develop Clarius: to deliver an ultra-portable system for medical professionals that does not compromise on image quality; to remove the cords that get in the way, and to make sure the Clarius App offers the flexibility to work reliably with both iOS and Android smart devices," said Clarius CEO, Laurent Pelissier.

Management Team


Laurent Pelissier, CEO

M.Sc. EE

20+ years medical device experience. Ultrasonix Founder.


Lucy Lim, VP Finance


10+ years finance experience. Mogo, Neurio.


Jeff Schoenfeld, VP Operations

P.Eng, MBA

20+ years operations experience. Avcorp, Neurio.


Kris Dickie, VP R&D


20+ years ultrasound R&D experience. Ultrasonix.


Scott VanderMeer,
VP Global Sales

22+ years executive sales experience. Verathon, Verizon. 

Genese-Castonguay (1)

Genèse Castonguay, VP Marketing

20+ years marketing experience. Colligo, Aquatic Informatics, MetroQuest.

lynn Frazer

Lynn Frazer, VP Human Resources

B.Comm, CPHR

25+ years of human resources experience., TRADER Corporation, Loomis Courier, Coast Mountain.

Dr. Oron Frenkel, Chairman, Clarius Medical Advisory Board

15+ as a physician and medical educator. UC Berkeley, Alameda County Medical Center, UBC, Providence Health.

Julian Ho, Director of Legal Affairs and Intellectual Property

JD, B.Sc (Comp. Sci.)
10+ years experience in legal and intellectual property; McCarthy Tetrault, Bereskin & Parr.

Board of Directors


Dr Chen Fong

Fellow, Creative Destruction Labs

Angel Investor, Professor Emeritus - University of Calgary, Order of Canada 2017


Michael Berkson

Managing Director, TriVan Capital

Fulcrum Capital, HSBC


Maria Pacella

Senior VP, Pender Fund

Shoreline Ventures, Beedie Capital Partners, GrowthWorks Capital


Linda Brown

Managing Director

VP Global Sales, Siemens - Director of Sales and Marketing, Innovere

Don Listwin

Don Listwin

Managing Director

Cisco, Canary Foundation, iSchemaView, Listwin Ventures


Laurent Pelissier, CEO

M.Sc. EE

20+ years medical device experience Ultrasonix Founder


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