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Cloud storage and management is free with every scanner


Send your ultrasound exam to Clarius Cloud after you're done scanning.

Access Anywhere

Access your exams stored in the Clarius Cloud from anywhere you have an Internet Connection.

Review & Share

Make notes, send exams for review, export PDF reports and more.

Editing an ultrasound exam in Clarius Cloud

How To Use Clarius Cloud

In this video, we explain how to use Clarius Cloud to save, manage, and share your ultrasound images on Cloud.

Discussion Clarius HD Cloud

Share and Discuss

With a click of a button, share exams and images with colleagues internally and externally.

Generate PDF Reports

Export any exam on Clarius Cloud for printing or archiving. Our easy tools allow you to customize your PDF.

Clarius Ultrasound Report Cloud


HIPAA-compliant patient and exam management

Data is encrypted and securely stored.

Accessible from phone, tablet, or computer

All you need is an internet connection. Clarius Cloud works on any standard web browser.

Collaborative features

Share de-identified exams with colleagues for review and discussion.