Tryten Nova PRO Clarius Tablet Stand

The Ultimate Mobile Ultrasound for Healthcare Institutions During the Pandemic. 

A new ultra-portable ultrasound solution for busy healthcare workers combines the small footprint of the Tryten Nova Pro rolling stand, with the high-definition imaging of the wireless Clarius HD scanners, the continuous battery supply of the Clarius 2-in-1 Charging Station and the clear display of an iPad Pro. This elegant combination delivers the image quality and performance of traditional high-end laptop machines in a wire-free package that is highly mobile, affordable and easy to disinfect.

  • With a small footprint and no wires to get in the way, it's ideal for urgent care, interventional radiology and regional anesthesiology.
  • Fits up to two Clarius HD scanners, securely docked using the new Clarius 2-in-1 Charging Station.
  • The ergonomic design includes a manoeuvrable arm to position the tablet for clear views while scanning patients in various positions.
  • Cable-free, the rolling stand provides a completely wireless experience while not plugged in for power.
  • Enables sharp imaging on a large display with an iPad Pro (12.9”) mounted securely on the adjustable arm.

“What I find really magnificent about the new Tryten stand is its portability and versatility in comparison to our traditional ultrasound units. I am unencumbered by a large heavy US unit requiring multiple cables and a large footprint to work. With our Clarius unit and Tryten stand, I have no trouble fitting in the tight spaces typical of ICU. As an added advantage, I can get the screen closer to my eyes with this stand because it is so manoeuvrable. I never find myself removing batteries to charge. I just place the probes in the charging station between cases and I am good to go.”

Dr. Mark Madden, MD, FRCPC, Interventional Radiology

Assemble Your Clarius Tablet Stand Package

To get started, simply buy each of the items below separately. Then use the configuration instructions to assemble your Clarius Tablet Stand solution.

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Select up to two scanners that are right for you.

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2-in-1 Chargers

Purchase up to two Charging Stations.

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iPad Pro

Visit the Apple website to purchase an iPad Pro.

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Tryten Stand

Visit the Tryten website to purchase a Clarius Stand.


Superior Ultrasound Imaging You Can Trust in a Wireless Scanner

Clarius offers seven Clarius HD ultrasound scanners suitable for a wide range of medical specialties in hospitals, including OBGYN, emergency medicine, critical care, regional anesthesia and interventional radiology. Small and wireless, Clarius HD scanners can be completely encased in a sterile sheath or wiped for fast disinfection between patients. The scanners offer unparalleled high-definition imaging and fast frame rates thanks to the latest piezo electric technology. Buy Scanners →


New 2-in-1 Charger Provides Continuous Battery Supply

The Clarius 2-in-1 Charging Station combines a charging dock for both the Clarius HD handheld scanner and a spare battery, with LED indicators that display color-coded charge levels. Clinicians who only use the scanner for short bursts of time can return their wireless scanner to the station to keep it charged, eliminating the need to replace the battery between uses. The new charging station is now available for US $179 in the United States, $235 in Canada, €165 in the European Union and £149 in the United Kingdom. Contact us for local availability. Buy Chargers →


High Definition Ultrasound Display with an iPad Pro (12.9")

Anatomies are better visualized when a large display is used. With the iPad Pro on the Tryten stand to pair with Clarius ultrasound scanners, clinicians can enjoy having a high-resolution image quality comparable to high-end ultrasound machines. Patients and healthcare professionals can visualize ultrasound images during examination. Buy an iPad Pro →


Tryten Nova PRO Clarius Tablet Stand

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Talk to an expert about which Clarius Scanners are suitable for your Tryten Nova PRO Stand.


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