Unexpected from a handheld.

Our Octal Beamforming technology brings advanced beamforming technology typically found in high-end cart-based systems to handheld ultrasound.

Clarius High end Beam
Clarius Mid Range Beam
Clarius Typical Handhelds

More beamformers than any handhelds

While most handheld scanners support only 1 beamformers, Clarius employs the same advanced 8 beamformer processing used by higher-end systems. Thanks in part to our advanced hardware and software architecture, we are able to process 8x more data than most handhelds on the market.

8x Faster Frame Rates

Clarius' Octal Beamforming technology also allows for increased frame rates for deep imaging. This results in smoother and sharper images while scanning.

8x More data processed for higher resolution

While other handheld systems struggle with tissue harmonics at higher frequencies, Clarius is able to achieve it with the increase of data processing by Octal Beamforming. This allows you to view stunning details at higher frequencies.

Beamforming White Paper

For more technical detail of how our Octal Beamforming technology works, please download our white paper.